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Your Child Deserves an Exceptional Education

We believe that every child deserves to thrive in their educational experience. At Exceptional Educational Solutions, we help bright students with learning differences find a place to belong. We specialize in twice-exceptional (2e) students in grades K-12 in the DC Metro area.

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Is Your Child:

  • Exceptionally bright?

  • Gifted & Talented?

  • Neurodivergent?

  • Twice Exceptional (2e)?


  • Struggling emotionally, socially, or academically in school?

  • Showing behavior issues in class?

  • Being bullied?

  • Seems to be “flying under the radar?”

If you answered yes, your child may benefit from a change in their educational journey. We help your family find an academic environment that embraces their gifts, supports their needs, and lets them truly thrive.

Educational Consulting in the Washington D.C. Metro Area

Exceptional Educational Solutions works with bright students in grades K-12 who are struggling in their current educational environment. We specialize in placements, advocacy, and creative educational solutions for students who are gifted with learning differences such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, or anxiety. These students are often referred to as twice-exceptional (2e) because, despite being very bright, or even gifted, they may need additional support to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically. 


Exceptional Educational Solutions works to find or create an educational environment where your child is challenged and supported. We offer a range of consulting services to help your child, and family, live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Educational Consulting Services

Why 2e?

We specialize in supporting twice-exceptional (2e) students and their families but also work with other bright and neurodivergent children that don’t fall into this category. 


At Exceptional Educational Solutions, we define 2e as a student who is cognitively bright or gifted as shown on IQ testing or curious and with an ability to understand complex concepts AND has one or more difference that affects their learning. The difference could be in the realm of attention, learning, emotional, social, motor, sensory, speech-language, behavior, or neurodevelopmental.


These kids are creative thinkers, maybe a bit quirky, and so talented, but can also fly under the radar because giftedness and learning differences often mask one another. When people look at your child, they only see one or the other, meaning that your child probably isn’t getting the support they need in either category.


At Exceptional Educational Solutions, we want to help your child stop flying under the radar. We believe that 2e kids have the potential to change the world. We just need to help them get there.


How We Are Different

Exceptional Educational Solutions offers an all-in-one solution for families of 2e kids and other bright children with learning differences. 


Many consultants offer advocacy, school placements, homeschooling support, OR educational alternatives but not the full range of services. When you work with a consultant that only specializes in one area, you need to have a plan before bringing in outside help. At Exceptional Educational Solutions, we can pivot and change course as needed to find the educational solution that is truly best for your child.


We understand the stress of watching your child struggle in school and will equip you to make the best decision for your family. We will diligently and persistently advocate for your child’s needs in their current school or suggest good-fit alternatives. Let us support your child’s well-being.

About Exceptional Educational Solutions

After seeing my exceptional children thrive in the right educational setting, I knew I wanted to help other parents navigate the complex world of education. 2e students look at the world in a different way—which is a beautiful thing—but can make fitting in and meeting teachers’ expectations more difficult. If your child is struggling in school and you don’t know what to do, let me use my 25+ years of experience in education to help.

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“Stephanie first helped us in a crisis situation where we had to change schools mid-year. She helped us find a great fit for our child and it really turned the school experience around for all of us. A few years later it was time to find a high school. Knowing we needed help to find a good fit among the array of choices, we reached back out to Stephanie knowing we would be in good hands. Our child was accepted to one of their top-choice schools and we are confident it will be a good fit!”

Parent of a Twice-Exceptional Student

Schedule an Educational Consultation

If you are ready to make a change in your child’s education, schedule your initial consultation today. When your child is happy in school, life is better for the whole family. Let’s find a good fit for your 2e child, so they can start learning, growing, and thriving.

* please note that all pricing starts at $3000. I offer custom solutions and pricing is based on that.

Stress-Free IEP™ with Stephanie Frumkin

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