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Help Your Child Find Success

Our educational consulting services can help your bright K-12 child with learning differences find a place where they feel appreciated and supported.

Our Educational Consulting Services

Children who struggle in school, whether socially, emotionally, behaviorally, or academically, can feel left out, overlooked, or like they are not good enough. 


No child deserves to feel that way. With the right support, your child can find educational success. Some neurodivergent students (including 2e) just need someone to advocate for their needs at their current school. Others may need an alternative educational environment that’s better suited to them. 


Exceptional Educational Solutions offers a full range of educational options to help you and your bright child with learning differences find success. We will meet with your child and get to know them personally to ensure that the educational plan we create is truly right for them.

Private School Placements 

Your child is unique. They have a curious mind and one or more learning differences that make a good educational fit crucial to their success. We’ll help you find a Washington, D.C. area private school where your child can thrive. 


We work collaboratively with families through the entire school search and application process to find the best match for your child. Exceptional Educational Solutions can also provide application essay support by providing writing tips and feedback.


When your child with a complex learning profile is happily placed, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

Private School Advocacy

In public schools, students have rights to certain supports, programs, and resources through an IEP or 504 plan. Private schools, however, can use their own discretion when deciding how best to support your child. 


With private school advocacy, Exceptional Educational Solutions focuses on building positive relationships with school staff to ensure your student has everything they need to succeed— socially, emotionally, and academically. Private school advocacy is a great way to improve your child’s current educational environment or ensure that a particular private school placement is a good fit.

Educational Clarity Consulting

If you’re considering multiple educational options for your child, this service is for you. We’ll collaborate to find schools or alternative educational placements that could be a good fit and possibly pursue advocacy with your child’s current school. If your child attends a private school, I can advocate for them directly. For public schools, I will coach you on achieving the best outcome for your child.


From program recommendations to guidance for exploring schools, we’ll help you get clarity on your next steps. And once we’ve decided on a path, Exceptional Educational Solutions will guide you to success, whether that means getting you set up for homeschooling or applying to schools.

Public School Advocacy

Getting your child the services that he or she needs to succeed in public school can feel overwhelming. 


We’ll attend IEP and 504 plan meetings to help get the best outcome for your child. If you prefer not to have us present in the room, we’ll still coach and support you every step of the way, using skills learned in Special Education Advocacy Training 2.0. Our priority is helping your child get access to the programs, supports, and services available through the public school system.

Homeschooling Setup

Homeschooling can be a great option for out-of-the-box learners since you can create a custom learning plan to fit your child’s interests and needs. You may also find yourself thrust into homeschooling while you wait for a school placement. 


Whatever your situation, Exceptional Educational Solutions can ensure you are set up for homeschooling success by helping you understand state laws and connecting you with the appropriate therapies or enrichment opportunities for your child.


We help remove the guesswork by making homeschooling work for the unique needs of your child. After getting set up with a plan, most parents find homeschooling joyful, especially when they see their child thriving.

Other Educational Solutions

There are countless school options available to help your child thrive - more than you may think possible!


In addition to traditional schools, we advise parents on hybrid solutions, accredited online schools, micro-schools, dual enrollment, internships, gifted programs, virtual or in-person classes, co-ops, and more. We also help match students with enrichment opportunities, summer programming, therapies, tutors, and other resources.


Additionally, we have a sub-specialty in Jewish education, providing support for children and teens with diverse learning needs in the Jewish community.


Contact Us to Learn More

If you need this kind of support for your family, contact us today. We’ll discuss your child’s skills and challenges and collaborate on an educational plan that makes sense for them. Let’s find or create an educational environment that your child loves!

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