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Exceptional Educational Solutions in the Media

Learn more from Stephanie Frumkin throughout various speaking engagements, including podcast episodes, webinars, guest interviews, and more.

Exceptional Educational Solutions in Action


Dyslexia Mom Boss Podcast - Ep. 30 Maryland Boss Mom & Advocate, Stephanie

On this podcast, Stephanie shares why you are the best advocate for your child with learning differences and how you can help them get the education they deserve in a conversation with Dr. Lauren McClenney-Rosenstein of Think Dyslexia.




Stress-Free IEP™ with Stephanie Frumkin

Hear Stephanie’s thoughts on different educational options for bright children with learning differences, including IEPs, homeschooling, non-public schools, and more, in this interview with special education attorney, Frances Shefter.


SpeechKids and Raising Orchid Kids - Stephanie Frumkin, Educational Consultant

Learn how to choose the right educational structure for your bright child with learning differences. Stephanie shares her insights on public, private, and homeschool options in this interview with Gabriele Nicolet.

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Illuminos & SAOTG Less Stress Parenting Webinar

Learn how a Section 504 plan or an IEP can help your out-of-the-box learner get the support they need in public school and what the differences are between the two. Stephanie Frumkin speaks on 504 plans and Jennifer Engel Fisher of Weinfeld Education Group speaks on IEPs.

Your Unique Struggling Learners Webinar

Looking for tips and strategies to help your child with learning differences thrive? This webinar covers holistic education topics from advocacy to distance learning. A joint presentation featuring Stephanie Frumkin and Elyse Dworin of Elevated Learning Solutions.

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2020 LHUG - THE Webinar

Stephanie is the featured speaker for a Maryland Jewish homeschool umbrella group to discuss education options and partners with three experienced homeschooling families to answer your questions on home education.


MCCPTA Special Education Committee

The YouTube channel for the Montgomery County Council of PTAs Special Education Committee. Stephanie organized and hosted many speaker events as the committee chair. Browse these resources on IEPs, neurodiversity, special education resolution and compliance, and more.


MCCPTA Gifted with Learning Differences

(Spanish Subtitles)

Stephanie joins other members of the MCCPTA to discuss how we can help twice-exceptional students thrive. She co-hosts this webinar featuring Sarah Jackson, Instructional Specialist for 2e Services with MCPS.

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Case Studies

Twice-exceptional 7th grader with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and anxiety at a religious day school


See how Exceptional Educational Solutions helped this middle schooler find a place to belong.

Work with Stephanie

If your child is struggling in school and you feel out of your depth, contact EES today. Frustration from school can affect your child’s behavior and emotional well-being at school and at home, so don’t wait. Help them find a place that understands, values, and supports their differences. 

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