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What We Offer

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Private School Placements

Your child is unique. To find an excellent private school fit where your child will thrive, we support you through the entire school search and application process. We work collaboratively with families to find the best school match for both the child and the entire family. 

When your child with a complex learning profile is happily placed in a school that is an excellent fit, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. 

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Public School Advocacy

We know that trying to get your child the services that he or she needs to succeed in public school can feel confusing and overwhelming. 

We coach and support you every step of the way to reduce your stress level by providing expert advice about IEPs and 504 plans and attending school meetings with you (if desired). We help you understand the special education process and the public school system including providing you information on what programs and services are available to your child. 


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Homeschooling Set Up

Whether you have always dreamed of homeschooling your children or you have been thrust into the homeschool lifestyle due to circumstance, we help you through the initial confusing phases of getting set up for success in homeschooling.


We help you make homeschooling work for the unique needs of your child and for the entire family. Many families new to homeschooling are overwhelmed and afraid to make the leap, but with guidance and support, we take the guesswork out and lead you on a path to success. After getting set up with a plan, most parents find the experience of homeschooling joyful, especially when they see their child thriving, and not nearly as stressful to implement as they imagined. 

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Other Educational Solutions 

There are a myriad of school options available to help your child thrive - more than most parents think are possible!

In addition to more traditional schools, we advise parents on hybrid solutions, accredited online schools, micro schools, local therapeutic placements, dual enrollment, internships, gifted programs, virtual or in-person classes, co-ops, and more. We help parents with summer programming and match students with enrichment opportunities, therapies, tutors, and other resources to help your child thrive. Additionally, we have a sub-specialty in Jewish education, providing support for children and teens with diverse learning needs in the Jewish community.


We help solve a multitude of other problems related to your child's education. We are here to support you! Please inquire about any other educational needs you have. 

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