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Happy Mother's Day, You Amazing, Dedicated Moms and Special Caregivers!

I have to admit, Mother's Day has not always been the best day for me. (Last Mother's Day, I spent an hour crying in my room - nobody seemed to appreciate me on my special day and I just felt sad.)

This particular Mother's Day, somewhat surprisingly, has gotten off to a great start! My husband took the kids to visit family a few hours away very early this morning while I slept in. I was hesitant (and also a little excited) to spend Mother's Day alone. How often, as moms, do we not have to consider the schedules and feelings of those in our care?! I didn't have to remind anyone to do their homework, take their medicine, get off screens...I also had the washing machine completely free to myself just for MY clothes (the simple joys!).

I planned in advance...I bought myself some Cozy Shack rice pudding, my favorite, and enjoyed that for a late breakfast! Yum. I ordered Chinese delivery for dinner with my favorite dishes including some extra appetizers.

Then, I started finding sweet Mother's Day cards all around the house, in places that my family knew I would look (on my bedside table, in the bathroom, inside my laptop, by the toaster oven, and even inside the refrigerator in front of the milk)!!

Very cute and very sweet! I am feeling the love and appreciation that I don't always receive for this often thankless job I do every day. And as a bonus, I don't have to clear anyone's breakfast dishes!

So here's to you, moms and special caregivers who give 1000% + to your family every single day. Even when it's hard. Even when you are tired. Even when you don't get a thank you (sometimes on Mother's Day itself)!

To those of us with children who require "intensity parenting" on a daily basis, I want to personally acknowledge you. ("Intensity Moms," you know who you are. You are bravely advocating for your child at school, driving your child around to therapies, and praying your child will get an invitation to a birthday party this year...)

I wish you a very happy Mother's Day! Know that you are seen and appreciated by me and all the other moms who get it.

Here's my virtual gift to you this Mother's Day - your own mom appreciation mug (as seen on Amazon)! Enjoy.

With gratitude for all you do,


Stephanie Frumkin, M.A. Ed.

Educational Consultant and CEO

Exceptional Educational Solutions

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Jill Katz
Jill Katz
May 09, 2022

We all had Covid this year on Mother's Day so not the typical celebrations for us but your post definitely resonated

Stephanie Frumkin
Stephanie Frumkin
May 19, 2022
Replying to

Oh, I'm sorry you had Covid on Mother's Day! That's no fun. Glad my post resonated with you.

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