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Private School Advocacy

Get a positive outcome for your child attending a private school.

Service Description

Helping your bright child with learning differences get the support they need to succeed in private school can be stressful. If you need help making your child's current private school work, we can help.


EES works with your current school to encourage change and can be your guide throughout the process. We often help get a support plan set up and implemented effectively and work with the school staff to help get a better outcome for your child.


You know your child's needs best and are the most important member of their educational team. With a knowledgeable and supportive advocate at your side, you are more likely to have your concerns heard and responded to.


All EES services include:

• An in-depth intake session to understand your child's and whole family's needs.


• A full review of any educational, psychological, or other evaluations and school reports to understand your individual child’s strengths, challenges, and needs.


• Collaboration with any outside providers (e.g., therapists, teachers, tutors, coaches, physicians) to truly understand your child's strengths and challenges.


• Customized referrals to professionals (e.g., coaches, therapists, tutors, evaluators) as needed to holistically support your child.


• Access to your educational consultant via phone, text, email, or virtual meetings to collaborate and answer your questions throughout the process

But Private School Advocacy with Exceptional Educational Solutions often includes:

• Guidance through the educational support plan process


• Advocacy for your child's needs


• Support during school interactions to reduce stress


• School meeting attendance (or coaching behind the scenes)


• Collaboration with school staff to achieve better understanding of and results for your child


• Following up to ensure your child's support plan is being implemented


• Escalation within the school as needed for resolution


• A strategy to get to YES on important issues at meetings


• Collaboration with outside professionals to support your case


• Help identifying needed accommodations and services to meet your child's unique needs


• Support with other private school concerns such as bullying; transcript review; course selection; and gifted, 2e, or special education services


With a trained educational consultant supporting you, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you don’t have to navigate these challenging school experiences alone.

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