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New! School Year Check-In Package

Are you worried about how your child will fare this school year?

Do you need support and guidance to ensure a smoother school experience? 

-  -  - 

You don't have to go through this school year alone. 

-  -  -

Stephanie can be your guide this entire school year. 

-  -  -

We are pleased to now offer a monthly education "tune-up" so your child can experience success this year and you can rest assured that you have the help and guidance you need to support your child throughout the entire school year.

GOAL:  To keep your child on track for success and to work through smaller issues so they do not snowball into large problems. We will proactively address potential challenges and troubleshoot any issues that may arise all school year. 

In the School Success Check-In Package, You Get:

  • Stephanie Frumkin, M.A. Ed., Educational Consultant on retainer to help you this school year. There will be space available for you, even if EES fills up for other education packages.

  • Monthly One-Hour Coaching Meetings About Your Child's Educational Experience Sample Topics: How to get your child off to a great start  o  How to ensure your child's learning plan is being implemented  o  How to advocate for your child's needs  o  What to do if your child is struggling in school academically or socially  o  What to ask for in your unique child's educational plan

  • 9 Months of Support (plus 1 Bonus month if you sign up by Labor Day)

  • Flexible Hours Meetings may roll over but must be used by June 30, 2024. Meetings may be split into 30 minutes to provide up to 20 shorter check-in meetings. Meeting hours may, on occasion, be exchanged for document review or educational research by agreement.

This package is specially designed for families who have a plan for this school year and want to see things go smoothly for their student. (It is not intended to discuss future school placements.)

Heading off school issues early will save you money, emotional energy, and time dealing with much larger problems down the road.

Fee: $1,800  (Valued at $2,500 - based on current hourly rate)


 This package is only being offered to select clients who have worked with Stephanie Frumkin.

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