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Education Clarity Consulting

Get clarity and solutions for your child's education!

Service Description

Education clarity consulting is a customizable package designed to meet your child’s unique needs. We will work collaboratively together to find the best educational solutions for your family and help your child thrive. Families who choose this service are considering more than one type of educational option. Popular services with this package include: • An in-depth intake session to understand your child's and whole family's needs • A full review of any educational, psychological, or other evaluations and school reports to understand your individual child’s strengths, challenges, and needs • Collaboration with any outside providers (e.g., therapists, teachers, tutors, coaches, physicians) to truly understand your child's strengths and challenges • Research schools or programs that fit your child’s needs • Guidance and advice on the best school options for your child • Recommendations for specific schools, special programs, or alternative education options and guidance on setting your child up for success in their educational placement • Addressing issues in your child’s current school environment to determine if the current school is, or can be, the best school fit • Discussions with admissions directors, school personnel, and other education professionals • Helping you ask the right questions when exploring a school for your child • Access to your educational consultant via phone, email, or virtual meetings to collaborate and answer your questions throughout the process In our work together, we will find or create the best educational fit for your child and get your child set up for success.

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