Homeschool Set Up for Success

Plan your homeschool to meet the unique needs of your child and family

Service Description

Whether you have always dreamed of homeschooling your children or you have been thrust into the homeschool lifestyle due to circumstance, we help you through the initial confusing phases of getting set up for success in homeschooling. We help you make homeschooling work for the unique needs of your child and for the entire family. Many families new to homeschooling are overwhelmed and afraid to make the leap, but with guidance and support, we take out the guesswork and lead you on a path to success. After getting set up with a plan, most families find the experience of homeschooling joyful, especially when they see their child thriving, and find the implementation not nearly as stressful as they imagined. We will help you... • Develop a homeschool plan tailored to the unique needs of your family. • Understand the homeschool laws and requirements of your state and district policies and your responsibilities as a home educator. • Know the differences between what is expected of students and taught in a traditional school and what can be taught in your homeschool. • Understand graduation requirements for your state. • Learn about different homeschooling philosophies to choose the right approach for your family. • Understand different homeschool review options and guide you towards the best fit. • Learn how to provide documentation about your homeschooling to the overseeing authorities. • Set up a schedule that works for each member of the family. • Discover in what areas your family is already engaged in homeschooling. • Choose curricula that are a great fit for your child and for your parenting style. • Connect with individualized outside resources to support your child's education and social development such as tutors, classes, activities, programs, therapies, online courses, and co-ops. Working collaboratively, we will schedule Zoom meetings and phone calls and engage in texts and emails as needed throughout the process of getting your homeschool set up and to answer any questions you may have along the way. With expert guidance, we help you have peace of mind while getting started with a new way to educate your child. Fee: Clarity Package - Standard $3,300 As part of the Clarity Package - Comprehensive $5,250 As part of the Clarity Package Gold - Full Access $7,500