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Perfect Private School Selection

Find the best private school fit for your child!

Service Description

Your child is unique. To find an excellent private school fit, Exceptional Educational Solutions completes extensive research, recommends good-fit schools, and helps with the application process. We’ll work collaboratively with you to find the best school match for the entire family. Our services include: • An in-depth intake session to understand your child's and whole family's needs • A full review of any educational, psychological, or other evaluations and school reports to understand your individual child’s strengths, challenges, and needs • Collaboration with any outside providers (e.g., therapists, teachers, tutors, coaches, physicians) to truly understand your child's strengths and challenges • Well-researched school options to meet your child's individualized needs • Coordination with admissions professionals, heads of schools, and learning specialists to determine the best fit • Help brainstorming questions prior to school visits and debriefing after school visits • School application review • Strategy coaching on how to accurately present your child in the admissions process (for parent and student interviews) • Advocacy for your child throughout the admissions process • Advice on choosing the right school placement after admissions letters come in • Discussing necessary accommodations with the admissions team to ensure the best school fit • Customized referrals to other professionals (e.g., coaches, therapists, tutors, evaluators) as needed to support your child in the new school environment. •In-depth observation of your child in his or her current school setting •Attending school visits, open houses, and tours with you We work collaboratively with you to determine a good school fit and to answer any questions you may have along the way.

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