Perfect Private School Selection

Helping you find the best private school fit for your child!

Service Description

Your child is unique. To find an excellent private school fit where your child will thrive, we support you through the entire school search and application process. We work collaboratively with families to find the best school match for both the child and the entire family. To guide your family through the school selection process, we will... • Engage in an in-depth intake session to understand your child's and whole family's needs. • Conduct a full review of any educational, psychological or other evaluations as well as school and related reports to best understand your individual child’s strengths, challenges, and needs. • Provide you with well-researched school options to meet your child's individualized needs. • Collaborate with any outside providers (e.g., therapists, teachers, tutors, coaches, physicians) to truly understand your child's strengths and challenges. • Speak with admissions professionals, heads of schools and learning specialists to determine best fit. • Help you determine a list of questions prior to school visits and provide debriefs after school visits to sort through your thoughts on each school. • Review of your school applications prior to submission (as needed). • Provide strategy coaching on how to most accurately present your child in the admissions process (for parent and student interviews). • Advocate for your child throughout the admissions process. • Work with you in choosing the right school placement after admissions letters come in. • Provide further discussions with the admissions team as needed to ensure best school fit and accommodations provided. • Provide customized referrals to other professionals (e.g., coaches, therapists, tutors, evaluators) as needed to support your child in the new school environment. • Schedule a check-in Zoom meeting within 30 days after school starts to troubleshoot any issues at school. Additional services can include an in-depth observation of your child in his or her current school setting and attending school visits, open houses and tours with you. We work collaboratively with you by scheduling Zoom meetings and phone calls and engaging in texts and emails as needed throughout the process to determine a good school fit and to answer any questions you may have along the way. Fee: Clarity Package - Standard $3,300 As part of the Clarity Package - Comprehensive $5,250 As part of the Clarity Package Gold - Full Access $7,500