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Is your bright child or teen struggling in school?
Do you need help exploring your educational options?
We find education solutions so your child can thrive.
Specializing in K-12 twice-exceptional students in the D.C. area



To provide compassionate, expert educational advice and services to parents with bright and gifted K-12 children and teens with learning differences in the D.C. metro area.

We provide highly individualized help to meet the student's unique strengths and challenges and uncover solutions that work for the whole family. Our mission is that your child thrives and that parents can rest assured their child will succeed in their education and beyond. 


We love complex kids and their families!

If you are confused about next steps for your child's education, you do not need to figure it out alone - we can help you!

Our focus is on helping bright and gifted students who have diverse learning needs such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, sensory processing disorder, APD, mood disorders, and behavioral challenges with the best-fit education. 

We specialize in the education of twice-exceptional (2e) students.


One size does not fit all.

We discover the best educational fit for your child, whether that is public school, private school, homeschooling, online classes, non-public school, dual enrollment in college, religious school, gifted or 2e programs, special education placements, enrichment opportunities, or a uniquely tailored program just for your child.


We advocate in public and private schools and work to develop IEPs, 504 plans and other learning support plans to meet your child's needs. We also guide families through the private school admissions process and put together comprehensive homeschool programs. 

How Are We Different?

We are a unique educational consulting practice in that we have the expertise to

explore the full range of  local educational options to best meet your family's needs

and we fully support you in the process of setting up your child for success in school. 

From lived experience as a parent, and with over 25 years of professional knowledge, we understand the difficulty and confusion parents face when their child is struggling in school, and can guide you toward a great education fit.

Fill out the CONTACT US! form to learn how we can help you find a clear path forward.

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“Stephanie is a thoughtful, compassionate and experienced educational consultant.


If you need help in achieving your child’s ultimate learning situation she will expertly guide you in finding the right path.”

Parent of Bright, Out-of-the-Box Learners

Professional Memberships

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